Does naturalism believe in god?

Does naturalism believe in god?

According to Naturalism, There is nothing that exists beyond the natural world. That means, naturalism says, there’s only the natural world. There is no Supernatural or spirits, or anything else. Naturalism thinks that natural processes can explain everything about the world. 

As the British philosopher David Papineau noted in his book “Physical Naturalism”, there are two types of naturalism. [1]Naturalism and Physicalism | David Papineau –

1. Philosophical Naturalism / ontological or metaphysical naturalism 2. Methodological Naturalism

ontological or metaphysical naturalism:

Metaphysical naturalism is a kind of materialism where supernatural things do not exist.

Methodological Naturalism:

Methodological naturalism is silent about the acknowledgment or denying of the existence of the Creator or whether there is a supernatural being or not. 

So, the conclusion is, When we discuss Methodological Naturalism, it is impossible to guess whether there is a supernatural being or not. We must remain silent.

On the other hand, those who believe in metaphysical naturalism are all atheists. Because they do not believe in the existence of God or in a supernatural being. 

According to atheist evolutionist researcher, science-philosopher Professor Michael Ruse,

“If you want a confession, listen, I have always acknowledged that materialism is just superstition.” [2]Intelligent design William A. Dembski & Michael ruse in dialog, page-37

Faith and Theology (


1 Naturalism and Physicalism | David Papineau –
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